Badin Elementary School
Badin Embraces Success - Planning, Learning, Rising to a higher standard.
47 Henderson St.   PO Box 308   Badin, NC 28009   (p)704-961-3900   (f) 704-961-3999

Badin Elementary School Events Calendar

Principal: Damon Rhodes

Badin School Vision

Our vision is to plan rigorous learning experiences to 

educate, challenge, and equip confident learners to 

rise to a higher standard.

Badin School Mission

To achieve our vision, we will plan high-quality, 

challenging learning activities that encourage high expectations 

and develop higher-order thinking skills for students.  We will create 

a learning environment which is centered on students, directed by 

teachers, and supported by home and community.

Kindergarten Registration ‎(2018)‎